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68 Hemi Roadrunner

 I bought this car in 1974 when I was 19 from the original owner. I wrecked it in 78 and it had sit at my moms house until 2009, when the restoration was started. This is a very unique and special car, as he optioned it very nicely, even getting rear window louvers. But because he had one leg shorter than 
the other he had it built with a 3 speed so he wouldn’t have to change gears as often. Execpt for chin spoilers the out side of the car is how he ordered it. The other changes that I have made is to go with 
Hemi power and a Passon OD 4 speed. After I bought the car in 74 the 8 3/4 started making  noises and not knowing who to fix it I looked around for another rear end, remember I was 19 and nobody 
cared about date codes back then. I went to a local racer/ mechanic to see if he had any and he said yes there was a Dayna 60 out of a 6 barrel Cuda that he would take $150 for, so now it is still under my 
car. When was the last time you saw a Daytona for $150?