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71 Charger

I bought this car in the spring of '86. It was GY9 brown with the tan/gold/beige interior and white vinyl top. It was a 383/2bbl car with a 2.45 open differential. In the spring of '89, I was rear ended by an overloaded pickup truck which collapsed the left quarter panel and wrinkled it all the way into the roof. I was lucky enough to find and increasingly rare body man who was able to work the metal and repair the car and keep the original sheet metal. I did have to replace the trunk lid. At that time, I had it repainted in the original color but removed the vinyl top to treat some minor rust under it and left it off. Unfortunately, the repaint did not address rust that was just under the surface and, within six or seven years, rust started bubbling back through. 
I took it back to the body shop in 1996 to have the rust repair done and a color change to Plum Crazy with a white bumble bee stripe. At that time, I redid the interior in white seat covers with black carpet, console, and door panels. By the early 2000s, some rust was again showing in right quarter panel. I had that repaired and installed Chrysler Cordoba outside mirrors and had them painted to match. I also picked up a '74 Rallye bulge hood. I switched out the Mopar police wheels and installed American Racing 200S.
The original 383 was very tired by 1994. I picked up a 400 out of a '77 Cordoba and rebuilt that with stock pistons but had the heads lightly shaved to pick up some compression. I installed an Edelbrock Performer with a '73 Thermoquad, a windage tray, PAW cam, Crane springs and roller rockers and Hedman Hedders. I picked up and 8.75 rear with 3.23 gears out of a junkyard '72 Charger and rebuilt that with a sure grip unit I found in the Want Ad. I also installed Volare spindles and disk brakes.
Around 2008 or 2009, I purchased the CAP tubular k-frame and control arms, Schumacher headers, and Scat bucket seats. At that time, I reupholstered the rear bench in black to match the Scat bucket seats. I also installed a Dr. Diff rear disk brake kit.
In 2013, I dropped the car off at a friend's shop to again have rust issues addressed, including replacing the right front frame rail and inner fenders. At that time, I decided to change the color to Ivory Tri-Coat Pearl with a Granite Crystal Metallic stripe. When the car was taken apart, a crack was found in the CAP k-frame at the steering box mounting. After a great deal of rust repair, the car was repainted again and I finally got it back in March 2016. Along the way, I obtained a set of R/T taillights.

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